Technology & Innovation

5 new products commercialised from innovation pipeline

Technology & Innovation (T&I) is a primary driver behind Sibelco’s transformation from an industrial minerals supplier to becoming a leading provider of material solutions. Our T&I efforts are built around three innovation domains: Process Technology, Advanced Materials and New Business Models.

Innovation at Sibelco goes way beyond what you might traditionally refer to as research and development.  It is about harnessing the know-how gained from R&D and turning it into value in the form of a successful new or improved process, material solution or business model.  We aim to gain a rich understanding of our customers’ needs within the context of their short, medium and long-term goals.  This means building relationships over years, resulting in trust and mutual respect.

We will measure our success over the period 2019-2025 by seeking the commercialisation at least one new product from our innovation pipeline each year.