Community engagement

100% of sites with approved community engagement plan in place

We value our social license to operate and strive to play a positive role within the communities close to our activities.

Our aim is always to be ‘the neighbour of choice’, continuously minimizing any impact caused by our operations whilst at the same time maximising our contribution through proactive support for local community projects.

This involves building mutually beneficial relationships with a range of local stakeholders, ensuring that everyone’s interests are fairly represented. These relationships are built on trust, which can only be gained through continuous open and honest dialogue, and by us delivering on our promises.

We develop community engagement plants at all our operational sites and in 2019 we introduced an internal standard to ensure a consistent approach globally. Our objective is that 100 per cent of our sites have community plans in place which meet or exceed this standard by 2025.

Closure planning, a process which begins before mining even starts, involves input from multiple stakeholders. This ensures that our land rehabilitation plans provide positive benefits for the environment and for our neighbours through the creation of new recreational facilities and landscaped vistas.