Closure & rehabilitation

100% of sites with Sibelco-standard closure plan

Before mining begins, we are already planning ahead to ensure that all land disturbed by our activities is proactively managed and restored, both during the operational phase of quarrying and when mineral extraction ends.

Whilst a quarry is active, we aim to balance the amount of disturbed and rehabilitated land at all times. When mining ceases, we strive to leave a positive legacy. The majority of our sites have formal closure plans in place. These cover the full lifecycle of the quarry, ensuring that all legislative and operational requirements are met, and that adequate resources are in place for final rehabilitation.

We recently developed a unique Ecosystem Services Tool which helps us to evaluate multiple restoration scenarios and identify the best option in terms of local social, environmental and economic benefits.

Key to successful land rehabilitation is constructive and continuous dialogue with local communities, authorities, environmental groups and NGOs. Such stakeholder dialogue is an essential part of our licence to operate, helping to ensure that all Sibelco sites leave a positive legacy.

Our rehabilitation projects have won multiple awards over the years for various aspects or our work. This year our site in Geertruidenberg (Netherlands) received the Green Feather award for the team’s ongoing focus on biodiversity, health and safety, and long-term legacy planning. In Thailand, our Sopprab and Banglen plants were both awarded the Green Mining Award from the Department of Primary Industries and Mines.