Gwladys Louis

Operations Manager, France


Gwladys started working for Sibelco over two years ago, as a young graduate for the Bright Site Productivity (BSP) program. She currently holds the position of Operations Manager for the Bédoin site in France. 

What does you career path up-till-now (at Sibelco) look like?

I arrived at Sibelco as a young graduate for the BSP implementation in France. After a couple months of training, I started to put in place the lean methodology in Mios as the local Change Agent. Later, I also did this at different other sites. Last year, I worked fulltime as Local Deployment Lead for Score (SAP implementation project) in France. Recently, I became the Operations Manager for our Bédoin site. 

What's the most important career lesson you learned?

Every challenge or difficulty is an opportunity to learn about yourself and others. All the people we meet allow us to see things from different perspectives, and it is these exchanges with people from different levels and different countries or cultures that enrich us every day.

How do you like to make a positive impact?

By sharing best practices first. Sometimes sites imagine that they are the only one facing an issue. Sharing what other sites did in the same country - or abroad – with them is a good way for me to show that many problems have a reliable solution.

How have you experienced your first months at Sibelco?

The first months at Sibelco were intense and rich in learning, but I had the chance to be supported by both global and local colleagues. These people have taught me a lot and continue to inspire me in the decisions I make in my daily job.

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