Meet our people

Brian Coghill
Indigenous & Community Relations Advisor, Queensland, Australia

“A major part of my role is building Sibelco’s relationship with other indigenous organisations, from inspections of land to discussing synergies of land management between key organisations, elders and community leaders. I also meet with internal staff to educate and build greater understanding for the cultural and spiritual beliefs and values of the island and am currently looking at developing strategies to encourage greater involvement of indigenous families in rehabilitating the landscape.

I’ve been with Sibelco for over four years and am proud to be part of a team to ensure the legacy and landscape, although changed, is robust and strong enough to support future generations.”

Ilse Kenis
Chief Strategy & Business Development Officer

“The role of global business leader is to grow and maximise value creation for Sibelco and customers through global team work within and beyond our current business scope. We select focused market segments to define global strategies that can be translated into regional action plans. By focusing on markets and taking a global approach we can identify and respond to opportunities more quickly, based on shared knowledge and pre-tested experience.

It’s an exciting time to be with Sibelco; we’re focusing more on the customer and working across borders like never before. By fostering a culture of true collaboration as a more integrated global team and achieving a stronger balance between investing in our assets and human capital, we’re stepping up our competitive advantage.”

Herdi Soemantri
Chief Geologist, Pathum Thani, Thailand

“I am responsible for leading our geology mining team in the exploration and development of mineral resources across Asia. I spend most of my time in the field, working with our site teams to ensure the continuous supply of raw materials to our customers across the Asian region.

At the heart of everything we do is sustainability – from an environmental and resource perspective. With the different cultures, politics, laws and regulations across the different countries, this inevitably raises its own challenges, but Sibelco has developed a strong reputation for aligning our operations with local wisdom and with the cooperation of local communities.”

Marc Sourdeaux
Workshop Manager, Fontainebleau, France

“Maintenance is vital to the continuation of our operations – without careful management and regular checking, we cannot guarantee efficient productivity and delivery for our customers, and importantly, we can’t guarantee the safety of our people. Safety is absolutely paramount to my role. Every morning I ensure every team member is wearing the correct safety equipment and monitor all the machinery regularly.

Even though I’ve been with Sibelco for 33 years, I remain hugely interested in the business, the mining industry and the challenge of plant maintenance. So much can impact what we do – the weather, fluctuations in material needs, new employees and contractors arriving on the plant floor; no two days are the same.”