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Sibelco receives Supplier Excellence Award from BASF

Sibelco has received a prestigious industry accolade from key customer BASF, collecting a Supplier Excellence Award in the innovation category.

Sibelco receives Supplier Excellence Award from BASFThe award was presented as recognition for Sibelco’s success in developing a tailor-made slurry for use in the manufacture of decorative paints at BASF’s São Bernardo do Campo plant in Brazil. Use of the new Royale®  300 slurry has helped to enhance production efficiency at the plant, as well as delivering environmental benefits.

Royale® 300 is a ready-to-use aqueous dispersion of minerals, including precipitated calcium carbonate (PCC) which helps to control and enhance a paint’s opacity, durability and dial gloss. Prior to its development for BASF, the team at São Bernardo do Campo had been producing slurries inhouse using dry PCC. This arrangement was proving to be time-consuming and resource-intensive, and so BASF turned to Sibelco for help.

Sibelco has extensive expertise in the production of PCC slurries for coatings, with the ability to tailor solutions in line with customer requirements. In close collaboration with the client, the Sibelco team developed an optimal solution for BASF in the form of Royale® 300. The slurry is produced at Sibelco’s Pedra do Indaia facility, and to enable multiple daily just-in-time deliveries to São Bernardo do Campo new storage facilities have been built at Sibelco’s plant at Jarinu, São Paulo.

The development and integration of the Royale® 300 slurry has enabled BASF to streamline the production process, whilst the elimination of dry PCC provides environmental and health benefits by protecting air quality.

Marcelo Graziani, Sibelco Sales Manager South America said: “We are honoured to have received this Supplier Excellence Award from BASF. The development and implementation of the solution was challenging and involved dedication and teamwork across all Sibelco functions in collaboration with the BASF team. We are delighted that Royale® 300 is already delivering great results for our valued customer.”