IOTA® High Purity Quartz

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The IOTA brand is the industry standard for high quality fused quartz products.

Product Range

Sibelco offers a wide range of high purity quartz products to meet individual customer-specific requirements. We work closely with you to supply IOTA® products having the chemical and physical properties needed to meet your unique fusion requirements. Engineers seeking to achieve specific performance and production objectives will find comprehensive solutions in our IOTA quartz portfolio.

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Semiconductor Fused Quartz

The combination of purity, consistency and fusion quality make IOTA® the only trusted quartz product for semiconductor production. IOTA quartz is the ideal base material for the manufacture of fused quartz crucibles used in the Czochralski (CZ) process. Semiconductor device fabricators count on IOTA quartz purity and proven reliability for their diffusion and annealing process tubes, wafer etching parts and handling systems. It is the high purity of the IOTA product that enables these parts to withstand the chemical and temperature extremes of wafer processing.

Sibelco’s high purity quartz portfolio for semiconductor grade applications includes IOTA 4, IOTA 6, IOTA 6-SV, IOTA 8 and IOTA STD-SV. The low alkali content of these products results in fused quartz with high viscosity. This provides a high softening point and low crystallization rate, which extends part life and reduces the overall cost of ownership. Consistently low Boron (B) and minute levels of transition metals help maintain the purity of the silicon during crystal growth and wafer processing.

IOTA® Chemical analysis
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Monocrystalline Photovoltaic Cells

IOTA® quartz is widely used in the photovoltaic industry for the manufacture of crucibles for Czochralski (CZ) single crystal silicon growth. This process is used to produce monocrystalline silicon solar cells which have the highest efficiency among commercial scale PV products.

IOTA® quartz is preferred for its reliable performance at high temperature and excellent fusion characteristics. IOTA CG (Crucible Grade) is the standard for the photovoltaic crucible industry. Crucibles made with IOTA CG are ideally suited for both long pulling times and multiple ingot pulling. In the most demanding applications, IOTA 6 can be used as a crucible liner to ensure the purity of the silicon ingot. Crystal pullers who use crucibles made from IOTA quartz report the highest silicon wafer yields.

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Quartz Lighting

IOTA® quartz is used for the production of all types of quartz lighting, including automotive xenon, halogen, HID, and UHP lamps. Manufacturers of quality quartz tubing prefer IOTA quartz for its high chemical purity and superior fusion properties to maximize production yields. Lamps fabricated with IOTA quartz have high temperature stability, resistance to devitrification and excellent optical clarity.

Sibelco produces a full range of IOTA® quartz products for each lamp application, for example, IOTA 6, with its low alkali content, is used for the most demanding high-end UHP lamps.

IOTA® Chemical analysis
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