Innovative Technical Centres

We operate a number of specialist Technical Centres worldwide, each one focused on a specific application, from glass and ceramics to coatings and sports surfaces.

Innovation drives our customers and therefore our business. One of Sibelco’s fundamental strengths is our application-focused research and technical centres which enable us to explore possibilities and focus on our customers’ needs.

We invest in applied research and the development of new products and processes. Our research and development programs are rooted in strong customer and industry relationships and nurtured through a process that encourages collaborative exchange. By actively listening and responding to our customers, we strategically place the customer at the centre of our operations.

With market and technical expertise, we work with our customers to identify their specific needs and develop solutions that add value to their business and give them a competitive advantage.

Technical Centre locations

Case study - Developing innovative solutions

technical-centresTo help a ceramic customer solve a coagulation problem with ball clay in their wet mill process, our Sibelco Asia Sales team worked with our Regional Technical Solution Manager and Technical Centre staff to come up with a solution.

Working in our laboratory and on site, the Sibelco technical staff conducted three production trials, which led to a state-of-the-art solution.

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