Health & Safety

Our ultimate target is zero harm. We aim at achieving a recordable injury rate of less than 2.5 by 2025.

A safe and healthy work environment is one of the cornerstones of our sustainability strategy and is achieved through programs that promote and reinforce best practices for our employees, contractors and visitors.

Going for Zero is Sibelco’s worldwide safety improvement program with the objective to eliminate all injuries from our business. It is built around three pillars: safe plants, safe systems and safe behaviours. Together, these ensure that we always put safety and health ahead of production.

Going for Zero takes a comprehensive approach to safety that combines global safety standards and behavioral training with peer practice to make every employee a safety leader. The goal is to increase awareness of potential risks in a work environment where each employee feels responsibility for the safety of their colleagues. As safety is Sibelco’s number one priority, every Sibelco employee undergoes Going for Zero training.

Our global No Dust programme is supported by a specially created
Centre of Competence for Occupational Health
, with dust experts supporting our sites using the very latest monitoring technology and measurement software. Dust reduction remains a key focus area in our 2025 sustainability strategy. 

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