Our process

The process of defining our sustainability priorities centered around a 14-month materiality assessment made up of six key stages:




Stage 1 -  Research & Benchmarking

We identified the environmental and social governance (ESG) issues most relevant to Sibelco and benchmarked ourselves against industry peers, customers and other businesses.

Stage 2 - Impact Mapping

ESG areas presenting the biggest risks and opportunities for Sibelco were highlighted and a draft list of relevant sustainability categories drawn up.

Stage 3 - Stakeholder Engagement

Interviews with Sibelco employees and Board members helped to build a deeper understanding of our sustainability priorities. These are placed within a wider context through continuous dialogue with customers and external stakeholders.

Stage 4 - Analysis & Evaluation

All information was evaluated and quantified to create the framework for a materiality matrix with provisional goals, KPI’s, strategies and associated partnerships.

Stage 5 -  Validation

The top 10 sustainability priorities and targets were finalised with our Executive Committee before being validated by the Board in December 2019.

Stage 6 -  Integration

Our sustainability priorities and targets were widely communicated to our people, with working groups established to gather KPI data and track progress. In 2020 we published our first integrated activity report as part of our 2019 annual report.

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