Sibelco's commitment to nature conservation: celebrating World Wetland Day


World Wetland Day is celebrated each year on 2 February to raise awareness about the critical role wetlands play in maintaining ecological balance. At Sibelco, sustainability is ingrained in our vision, strategy, and daily operations.  

On this
, we take pride in highlighting the efforts our team has taken to various quarry locations in Belgium, demonstrating our commitment to preserving and protecting these crucial ecosystems. 


Donk Quarry's Visionary Wetland Restoration

Embarking on a visionary path, Sibelco's Donk Quarry is witnessing the creation of a sprawling 10-hectare wetland as part of an ongoing restoration plan. Employing progressive restoration techniques, the southwestern corner is undergoing backfilling, seamlessly aligning with the nature management plan for the larger Dessel-Lommel area. 



Blauwe Kei Quarry in Lommel

At the Blauwe Kei Quarry, Sibelco has successfully completed backfilling in the northwestern corner, marking the establishment of a tranquil broekbos – a wetland adorned with an abundance of trees. This achievement is a testament to Sibelco's commitment to progressive restoration, harmonizing with the overarching restoration plan. 

MHZ Quarry's Serene Wet Heathlands Creation

Sibelco's dedication to wetland conservation extends to the MHZ Quarry in Maasmechelen, where the company actively shapes serene wet heathlands. Nestled in the southeastern corner of the dredging lake, this initiative is in its initial stages with plans to progressively develop wet heathlands positioned to border a dry heathland of the Nationaal Park Hoge Kempen. 


As we commemorate World Wetland Day, Sibelco will continue its efforts in engaging in wetland restoration across many quarry sites. Through visionary backfilling and the creation of diverse wetland ecosystems, Sibelco not only champions the well-being of local ecosystems but also underscores its commitment to a sustainable and responsible future.  

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