Greener glass

As the glass industry looks for new ways to reduce its environmental footprint, Sibelco’s nepheline syenite helps manufacturers to bring down energy consumption.

Nepheline syenite is a mineral noted for its low-iron content and high chemical stability. Mined and processed from our unique deposit in Norway, Sibelco’s nepheline syenite is used within the glass batch to promote faster melting at lower temperatures whilst at the same time decreasing viscosity. Its addition therefore helps to reduce overall energy consumption.

Thanks to a naturally high alumina content, this product can deliver the same results as alternative products but using between 20-30% less volume of material. This means a lower transport and storage footprint.

As well as energy saving benefits, Sibelco’s nepheline syenite increases the chemical resistance and stability of the finished glass. And when colour control is critical, the physical and chemical properties of Sibelco’s nepheline syenite ensure clearer glass without the need for additives or decolourisers.

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