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NSW pollution monitoring & incident response

Sibelco is committed to reducing pollution impacts from its operations on the environment. In New South Wales (NSW), Sibelco is regulated by the Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997, and by the nature of its operations is the holder of environment protection licences (EPLs) across most of its mining and processing sites in Australia.

Sibelco’s environmental management system drives continuous improvement in reducing adverse impacts on the environment. Through monitoring and the development of site-based pollution incident response management plans, Sibelco is able to facilitate efficient and effective response to pollution incidents. These plans identify the pollution hazards on-site, the proactive mitigation of risks and the response process in the event of a pollution incident.

A critical component of the pollution incident response process is the timely notification to relevant stakeholders, including regulatory authorities and neighbouring premises.

The following links provide access to Sibelco’s environmental monitoring data and pollution incident response management plans – public notification procedures, as required under the Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997 and the Protection of the Environment Operations (General) Regulation 2009. Data is available from March 2012 and is updated as received.



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Tanilba Northern Dune

Tanilba Northern Dune is a sand extraction operation located on Oyster Cove Road, Tanilba Bay, NSW. White silica sand is extracted from this site with approval from the Land and Environment Court (No. 10205 of 1990).

Environmental management plans

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Annual reviews

Sibelco commits to undertake an independent review of environmental performance of the Tanilba Northern Dune operation. These reviews will be undertaken annually commencing within the first 12 months of operation within the extension area.

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