Construction & Engineering

Sibelco offers a wide range of high yielding minerals for the construction and engineering industry, including bentonite, commonly used in diaphragm wall construction, piling, tunnelling, dam sealing and waste containment, and lime, used in the manufacture of lightweight cellular concrete blocks, lime silica bricks, insulation and building board materials. Lime is also used in mortar and render products, adding strength, flexibility and water resistance, and as a filler and anti-stripping agent in asphalt.

Our range of sands and fine silica provide the preferred structural component in systems ranging from flooring and grouts to artificial sports turf.


  • Building products (asphalt, mortars, cements, roofing shingles etc.)
  • Civil engineering (roads)
  • Concrete and precast structural members
  • Engineered marble and stone
  • Flue gas desulphurisation
  • Geothermal and heat exchange
  • Water production, filtration and treatment